Super Zine Odyssey


Can I sign up to be an artist for the zine?

- Unfortunately no, sorry! We planned this since last year, so we're no longer taking any more contributions!

What will you sell?

- We will sell three different editions of the zine: a digital version, physical, and Odyssey bundle that contains the postcards you see on the cover!

The digital zine will be released when orders are shipped!

When will orders open?

- We are expecting a late April to early May release for pre-orders!

Will this sell internationally?

- The zine will be sold both domestically (US) and internationally, but we require extra leniency and time on the latter.  Please understand international shipping is expensive and takes longer to ship out!

How long will pre-orders be open?

- We will have pre-orders open for two weeks, starting at May 11 and ending at May 26.  If we have leftover stock, we will open orders for them after the first batch have been shipped.

See any questions not answered here? Please feel free to shoot an email at our contact info! Thank you!